Frequent Surgical Applications


  • Wounds that do not heal or heal hard: Wounds that do not heal in the body can occur due to diabetes, diabetes, vascular occlusion or bed dependency. Wound care is one of the most important categories of plastic surgery. It covers the stages starting from the prevention of wound formation, the care of the wounds with advanced technologies, follow-up and surgery when necessary.
  • Scars: Wounds usually heal with scars in every healthy person. Surgery is also a tissue injury and a scar is formed. Thanks to special surgical techniques, these scars are also one of the major causes of scarring. Plastic surgery is not magic, but in such cases there are many methods to be applied thanks to advanced technology and experienced teams.
  • Fractures in the facial bones: Due to accidents and various traumas, fractures in people's nose, cheekbone or jaw bone may occur. Titanium plates and screws are used in the repair of these fractures. Correct repair of facial bones is very important, not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of function.
  • Skin cancers: The incidence of skin cancer has increased significantly due to the depletion of the ozone layer and sun exposure. Skin cancers are seen in different types. In some types, it is sufficient to remove that area with a skin border of 3-4 mm, while some types are quite dangerous. The most important point to be considered here is sun protection. If there is a rapidly growing, itchy, wounded, changing shape and color in the body, a plastic surgeon should be applied without wasting time. In some cases, the existing suspect should be removed and examined with appropriate limits and a small intervention. Treatment planning is done accordingly.
  • Congenital disorders of genital organs: Hypospadias, which is also known as “prophet circumcision” among the people, is defined as the urinary hole coming out of the back of the penis rather than the tip of the penis. Vagina may not be formed in girls for various reasons. In these and similar situations, plastic surgery will recommend the most appropriate treatment.
  • Breast reconstruction: Today, one out of 8 women faces the risk of breast cancer. In this case, it may be necessary to remove all or part of the breast. With the approval of the oncologist and surgeon, plastic surgery will help to rebuild the breast. This surgery can happen at the same time as breast surgery or a certain time after other treatments have ended. In treatment, one's own tissue or breast prosthesis is used.
  • Microsurgery: With microsurgery, it is possible to carry the tissue on one side of the body together with its vein (sometimes its nerve) to the required side of the body. With this technique, it is possible, for example, to make a jaw from a shin bone to a person whose jaw is completely removed, or to make a esophagus with a portion of the intestine of a person with an esophagus removed. Again, damaged nerves and veins are repaired in this way.
  • Repair of limbs such as nose, lips, ears: All or part of these limbs may be lost due to accidents, cancer, burns. In this case, close to the original results can be obtained with various surgical techniques. The result to be obtained depends on the degree and cause of the loss.