General Surgery

The specialist physicians of the department first examine all patients who apply for diagnosis or treatment for a comprehensive medical examination and examination, then plan the necessary processes and make evaluations with other branch physicians within the framework of a multidisciplinary approach.

About the Department

Medikent General Surgery Clinic; It has world-class service possibilities with its strong academic staff, experience and knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of all cancer and non-cancerous diseases, its equipment and infrastructure that combines scientific science with advanced technology, surgical options using innovative advanced techniques specific to the patient.

The concept of "private surgeon" in general surgery

General surgery, one of the most important and comprehensive areas of medicine; Diseases and different treatments of the organs of interest are gradually replaced by special surgery with the increasing variety of technology and surgical technical applications in these areas, depending on the developments. In this way, "general surgeon" concentrating on each subject also gains "special surgeon" status by providing specialization in different fields of general surgery.


Surgery and Procedures Performed in Medikent General Surgery Clinics:


The treatment of benign tumors and cancers of the breast, Turkey's most advanced centers simultaneously with the surgical technique, with personalized surgical approach, patient comfort with the aims and methods are made of a multidisciplinary approach. In breast cancers, the principle of removing only the tumor area and preserving breast integrity is taken as basis. However, in cases where all of the breasts called mastectomy are taken in tumors that develop in many focuses in the breast, breast aesthetics is provided with plastic and reconstructive surgeries performed in the same session, and the risk of patient's loss of organs is eliminated.



These are the surgical treatments applied in the diseases of the body's internal glands that require surgery. Surgical treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the thyroid gland, nodular goiter, toxic goiter, thyroid cancer, parathyroid gland diseases, adrenal gland diseases and tumors, benign diseases and tumors of the pancreas are carried out within the scope of endocrine surgery.


In General Surgery; Benign diseases and tumors of the liver, pancreas and biliary tract are treated under the name Hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) surgery.


Surgical treatments of benign diseases and cancers involving the stomach, small and large intestine, esophagus and rectum are carried out under the name of gastroenterology surgery. In oncological surgery, a significant part of the operations are performed with closed surgery technique, laparoscopy, and the patient has a comfortable period after the procedure and gains enough time for additional treatment. In gastroenterology surgery, especially intestinal tumors that have metastasized liver, cancer surgery is successfully applied.


Anorectal diseases (large intestine, rectum and anal area diseases), which are common in the society, require an experienced and specialist team, technology and equipment for accurate diagnosis and treatment. In proctology surgery; Surgical treatments of internal and external hemorrhoids, constipation, anal fissures, perianal abscesses and fistulas, intestinal hernia, hair loss, colorectal cancers are carried out.