Surgical Procedure: Breast enlargement in men can occur for many reasons and often does not contain a pathology. In this operation, if the breast is not sagging, liposuction is performed through a small hole opened just below the breast and fat tissue is removed. From the same place, the milk glands are taken by entering with a special tool and then a laser is made to tighten the skin. If the sagging is excessive, it may be necessary to remove excess skin.


  • Duration of operation: 1-2 hours
  • Anesthesia Conditions: General anesthesia
  • Hospital stay: 0-1 days
  • Possible ailments: Swelling and pain in that area, bruising.
  • Risks: Surgical bleeding and infection, asymmetry between breasts



Recovery period:


  • Return to work: 3-4 days
  • Heavy exercise: 8 weeks
  • Bruising: 2 weeks
  • Corset usage time: 3 weeks
  • Fitting of results: 2-3 months