Surgical Intervention: It is the process of shaping the body by absorbing regional fats resistant to exercise and diet. The most commonly applied areas are the buttocks, abdomen and its circumference, legs, arms, and neck-chin.


Which method is better?


  1. Classical method: The adipose tissue is brought to the size that can be taken with the fat removal cannula.


  1. Vaser: Adipose tissue breaks down with sound waves and becomes suitable for removal. It works especially well in areas with hard texture like back. The surgical time is a little longer than the classical technique.


  1. Laser: As its name suggests, laser energy is used in the absorption of adipose tissue. It is the best option if there is a possibility of sagging after fat intake. It requires more experience to use.


  1. Motorized cannulas: It does not have a great advantage compared to the classical method.


  1. Water jet: The adipose tissue is taken apart by the pressurized water given from the specially designed cannula tip. It is a relatively new technology, it has not become very common yet.


Your doctor will recommend the most suitable method for you.


  • Duration of operation: 1- 3 hours
  • Anesthesia conditions: General anesthesia, local or epidural anesthesia
  • Hospital stay: 0- 1 day
  • Possible ailments: Temporary bruises, swelling, tenderness or numbness
  • Risks: Asymmetry, irregularities in the skin, excessive amounts of fluid or excessive fluid loss.



Recovery period:

  • Recovery period: Suitable corsets should be worn for at least 3 weeks in the areas where fat intake is performed.
  • Return to work: 1-2 weeks,
  • Heavy exercise: 8 weeks,
  • Complete loss of bruises: 2 weeks
  • Fitting of results: 2-3 months