Surgical Intervention: It is the reshaping process of the nose. For this, the nose belt is often removed and the back of the nose is thinned. The tip of the nose is lifted to different degrees in men and women, it is also made more elegant. Nostrils can also be reduced accordingly. Rhinoplasty surgery can be done closed (through the nostrils) or open (with a small incision under the nose). In the same session, if there is curvature in the septum and obstruction in the airways, it is corrected.


  • Duration of operation: 1-3 hours
  • Anesthesia conditions: General anesthesia
  • Hospital stay: 0 - 1 day
  • Possible ailments: Puffiness around the eyes, bruises, temporary headache, minor leaks in the first 2 days
  • Risks: Irregularities that require revision



Recovery period:

  • In the first week after the operation, a silicone bumper and a plaster on the nose are used in the nose, and a nose bandage is used in the second week.
  • Return to work: 1-2. week
  • Heavy exercise: 8th week
  • No glasses wearing - 8 hours of protection from bumps
  • Complete swelling of the bumps: 2 months
  • The nose to take its final shape: 1 year