Uroflowmetry test, which shows the speed, shape and amount of urine flow, is performed in our hospital under the supervision of a specialist physician. It is used to investigate urinary function, which is impaired due to urinary bladder reasons or diseases after the exit of the urinary bladder (such as prostate hypertrophy, urethral strictures).



It can be used alone or in combination with cystometry. Data obtained with this test:

1. Maximum voiding speed (Maximum Flow Rate-Fmean)

2. Average voiding rate (Mean Flow Rate -Fmean)

3. Urination time (Vtime)

4. Time to reach maximum voiding speed (Time-to-Fmax)

5. Urinated Urine Volume (Volume) (Obstruction, phimosis, insufficient hyper / hipoomplian)



Uroflowmetry's Usage Areas



  • Lower urinary tract obstructions: BPH (benign prostate diseases), urethral strictures, prostate cancer, bladder neck stenosis, phimosis.


  • Urinary defects: Insufficient detrusor contractions, hyper / hipoomplian bladder.


  • Follow-up and drug dosage adjustment of those who undergo medical treatment due to lower urinary tract obstruction or those who have been operated.


  • Observing changes in the voiding abilities of patients undergoing a brain - spinal cord operation.