Patients are visited every day between 10:00 - 22:00 in our hospital.

In our hospital, families are informed that children under the age of 12 should not visit patients due to the risk of infection and the psychological negative effects.

Visitors should not use the belongings of the patient or sit in the bed of the patient against the risk of infection.

The visiting hours are limited to 15 minutes.

No food or drink can be brought from outside to be given to the patient.

In terms of the comfort of our other patients who are treated in our hospital, we are sensitive about not having more than three visitors to the patient room and making no noise.

During the treatment and examination procedures of our patients, visitors are expected to pay attention to patient privacy by leaving the room.

Wash your hands before and after the visit.

If the visit of our patients is prohibited by the doctor for medical reasons, it is requested not to insist on the visit. When you see a warning hanging on the patient room door during the visit, do not enter the patient room without seeing the nurse.

It is strictly forbidden for our visitors to smoke inside the hospital.



There is no companion in intensive care units.

Adult intensive care units are accepted as visitors once a day and first degree relatives of the patient are informed about the patient.

In the neonatal intensive care unit, the mother and father of the baby are brought together as much as possible to ensure sensual contact with the baby.

During the visit, protective measures are taken for infection.

Physical contact with our patients should not be made. There is a risk of getting an infection from our patient or carrying an infection to our patient.

During the visit, the beds should not be seated and contact with everything in the hospital environment should be avoided. Before the visit, the rules and the importance of hand hygiene are explained by the nurses before they are taken into service. Before entering, visitors are disinfected by hand disinfectant under the supervision of a nurse. During the visit, visitors are prevented from contacting any device or patient. Visitors are provided to have hand disinfection at the exit with hand disinfectant.

It is inconvenient for children under the age of 18 to visit patients, as pregnant women are more likely to get infections in hospital settings than adults.

People with any infectious diseases or skin wounds are not allowed to visit.

In special cases, patient visits may be restricted by the doctor's instruction.